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Error Hall of Fame - Struck Through and Trail Dies


1971S Roosevelt Proof Struck Through Threads

This 1971S Roosevelt Proof was struck while a series of fine threads lie between the planchet and die.  The lines that appear in the field to the left of Roosevelts image are the rememenenants imprinted into the surface of the coin.  With just over 3 million proof dimes minted in 1971, this error is both interesting and valuable.  This example is in the private collection of Robert Risi.

1974 Kennedy Half Dollar Struck through Detached Reeding


This Kennedy half had the rare occurance of being struck through sheered off or detached reeding.  The reeding of another coin was clipped off of it's original planchet and found itself lying on top of this planchet as it was struck leving behind the full reeding design on the surface of the newly struck Kennedy.  This is an incredibly rare and very cool phenominon.


2013P Jefferson Nickel

- Trail Die -

This coin is officially classified as 2013P-5DER-006WST 180deg on While this phenominaon is tracable back more than 100 years, iit appears to be more common on recent issues.  This 2013 Jefferson nickel variety is one of the strongest known examples. 


1888 5C Liberty Nickel - Struck Through Object

A thin object with a dual central perforation, approximately 16 mm in diameter, rested between the obverse die and the obverse of the present coin during its strike. The object, probably a clothing button, overlapped the upper right quadrant of the obverse, and extended to the center. The reverse has a normal appearance. Toned cream-gray with charcoal patina in design recesses. 

This example sold for $1,880 in July 2015.

Image provided by Heritage Auctions


1976-D Eisenhower Dollar Struck Through Detached Reeding on Reverse - MS63 PCGS

1976 Eisenhower Dollar Struck Through Reeding - MS63 ANACS

The strike-through resembles a crowbar, and is vertically aligned relative to the reverse, where it crosses the Moon and Liberty Bell. Reeding is evident throughout the strike-through. Apparently, a lamination from a previously struck coin, consisting of a thin strip of reeding, failed to eject and was struck into the present piece. Lustrous and mostly brilliant with well preserved surfaces and minor incompleteness of strike.

Sold at auction for $616.00 in Aug 2015

A slender arc-shaped strike-through beneath the Liberty Bell partially retains the reeded texture of its imparted (and later departed) object. Pleasing for the Select level with vibrant luster, a bold strike, and light to medium caramel-gold and gunmetal toning.

Sold at auction for $822.50 in Nov 2013