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2015 Homestead Quarter - Doubled Die

2015 High Relief Gold Dollar - Medal Orientation

2015 American Eagle tenth ounce gold bullion $5 coins have been found to have a 2 different edge varieties.  They are a Wide Reeds and Narrow Reeds varieity.  It ahs been reported by a major grading company that this is the first time that a variation in reed sizes has ever been found on an Eagle coin.  It has been noted that the wide variation is the standard size that has been used in the past.  The US Mint has acknowedged the variation and has stated that it is not to be considered an error.  There are several thousand of the narrow reed variation that were released.  NGC is providing for the wide and narrow reeding designation on their slabs.


2015 American Eagle Tenth Ounce Gold
Wide and Narrow Reeding

The 2015 Homestead quarter has become a bit of a phenominon in the world of coin collecting.  What started as a single doubled die, has now turned into a set of 91 separately identified doubled die reverse coins.  There are several which are incredibly strong and have been identified as "Best of" Varieties".  The strongest Doubled Die Reverse is labeled as 2015-P 25¢ NE WDDR-004 by John Wexler.  It was originally selling for $200 on eBay but can now be found for $30 or less.  The images below show some of the better variations of these DDR's.

homestead ddr

NGC has confirmed the existance of a 2015-W American Liberty High Relief $100 with "medallic alignment". Simply stated this is a 180 degree rotation on the reverse of the coin from the normal recerse alignment.  US coins are struck so that both sides are oriented upright when a coin is flipped from top to bottom.  When medallic alignment is used, it means that the coins is not flipped, but turned to view the reverse right side up.  This is a very rare occurance on modern coins and is seldom seen.   Since discovery, no other medalic alignments have been reported.  However, it is thought that more exist.  it is thought that 500 or less exist.

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1998 Silver American Eagle Struck on Wrong Planchet

PCGS has recently certified a thus far unique 1998 Silver Eagle that was struck on an incorrect planchet.  The coin was identified by characteristics that included missing reeding on the edge and a slighly smaller diameter than normal for the Silver Eagle coins.  The blank used was meant for a commemorative silver dollar and weighs in at 26.73 grams as opposed to the normal 31.1 gram silver blank. 

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The image is borrowed from Coin World for educational purposes.