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Off Metal and Fragments


1999-P SBA Dollar-Struck on a Sacagawea Planchet

There are only 3 known examples of this error.   This rarity was apparently produced when a Sacagawea dollar planchet was fed into a press that was striking 1999-P Susan B. Anthony dollars. Other than being struck on the wrong planchet, this coin was properly produced, and both sides display well centered, well defined features. It is a beautiful and stunning GOLD colored version of the famous Susan B Dollar. Sold at auction in 2006 for $16,100

Undated Jefferson Nickel Struck on a 1960 Peru 5 Centavos MS67 NGC


Much of the brass undertype is visible at the centers, where the high relief of Jefferson and Monticello are opposite. The mintmark is off the flan, as is all but the base of the date.

This speciment sold for $5,462.50 in Aug 2010.

1976-D 50c Struck on Cent Planchet PCGS MS-63 RB


The unmistakable copper color makes this Off Metal strike a fantasic error.  With the Bicencentenial date displayed on the obverse and a near complete depiction of Liberty Hall on the reverse.  This is one beautiful addition to any error collection.

Example Sold in March 2013 for $7,700.00


1976 50C Clad Bicentennial Half Struck Fragment MS65 PCGS

Struck on a clad coinage fragment. Enough of the Bicentennial design remains on the reverse to positively date this undated error. Lustrous light gray with considerable portions of the copper clad layer visible. 

Sold for $920.00 in Aug 2011

Undated 10C Roosevelt Dime Flipover Double Strike on a Silver Fragment - MS63 PCGS

Undated Lincoln Memorial Cent--Struck Fragment - MS62 RB NGC

1976 Bicentennial Quarter--Struck Fragment


No Date MS Roosevelt Dime Struck Fragment MS63 ANACS 

Undated Lincoln Memorial Cent On Clad Dime Bow Tie Fragment - MS65 PCGS

Undated Clad Roosevelt Dime Bonded Multi-Struck Fragment - MS63 ANACS

1979 Jefferson Nickel Struck on a Steel Washer MS64 NGC

1972D Lincoln Cent on 40-grain Magnetic Washer MS64 PCGS

This undated fragment of silver has been struck multiple times creating a dramatic and very interesting error. 

The error has a well documented sales history through Heritage auctions sell for $632.50 in April 2006, $1,150.00 in 2007 and for $1,292.50 Nov 2015

Bronze or brass. 0.52 gm. This undated copper-orange and mahogany error displays much of LIBERTY and Lincoln's profile on the obverse, though the date is missing. A number of abrasions appear at the left obverse, though the surfaces display no trace of wear. An enticing and undeniably interesting piece.

Sold for $460.00 in Sept 2007

This ragged-edge fragment shows about one-third of the design. The drum is complete, as is most of the drummer's right (facing) arm. The top of Washington's head is present, including his eye, but his ear is absent, as is any potential mintmark. Lustrous and unabraded with a few copper streaks from the core. 

This undated cresent moon shaped fragment is a fantasic example of what a great error can be.  The coin was struck on the proper metal but clipped in dramatic fasion. 

Sold for $322.00 in May 2007

A clad dime coinage strip passed through the planchet cutter to make clad dime planchets. After this step, fragments of the strip remained. One such fragment, in the shape of a bow tie, somehow made it between cent dies. No portion of the date or mintmark (if any) is present. Aesthetically attractive since the ends of the bow tie are of approximately equal size. 

Sold for $3450 in Aug 2009

A dime stuck to the obverse die, and was struck at least two additional times, fusing with two newly fed planchets. The result is a thick, fused metal fragment with a stack of three rims, when viewed from the reverse. The outer obverse rim has a brockage impression of the left-side reverse legends. The final strike is 50% off center toward 3 o'clock, with the date and mintmark off the flan. The reverse from this strike has a rough surface but shows a faint, distorted torch. Likely, the reverse die for this final strike was blocked by scrap, perhaps a separated fragment from the present error.

Sold for $1,437.50 in Jan 2008

The appearance of this remarkable mint error is reminiscent of annular gold dollar patterns from the 19th century. The washer had a central hole, which appears slightly out of round due to metal flow during the strike. The diameter of the washer was slightly less than that of a nickel, and this fact allowed it to fit within nickel dies yet pass through any riddlers designed to prevent struck fragments from reaching circulation. Toned steel-gray and aquamarine. Slightly uncentered toward 6 o'clock with a portion of the date and E PLURIBUS UNUM off the flan.

Sold for $4,887.50 in August 2010

This cent was struck on a donut-shaped washer with a diameter virtually identical to a standard Lincoln cent planchet. The magnetic alloy and dove-gray color suggest a steel composition. The central hole is slightly oval due to metal flow during the strike. A satiny and unabraded piece without any grade-limiting flaws. 

Sold for $4,887.50 in May 2007